We Are Orthovive

Missing a limb or your ability to walk should not be the reason for one to stop achieving their dreams. This is what we at Orthovive believe in and has been working on from beginning to date.

We are here to help amputees and physically impaired person, live a normal a life, by providing high-quality products and professional services for a perfect fit devices. We specialize in the fabrication and fitting of the extremity prosthetics, custom-made orthotics, and braces, along with cosmetic restoration of hands and feet.

Gettting You Back to Life

is our main priority

Working with Orthovive ensures that the patient is in the right hands. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, hence, supplying clinical expertise, technical excellence, and administrative support at our accessible business facility in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is our pride.


Owing to the fast growth of the industry, even such a sophisticated technology evolved rapidly, Orthovive is equipped with equipment, training, and technology to provide our patients with comprehensive care and the next level of comfortability. Our team of professionals carefully works on the comfortability of the prosthetic or orthotics such that it does not limit the movement of our patients in any case.

We Serve

with dedication like never before

We are determined to give amputees the power to live a normal life. Not only normal, but Orthovive is capable of catering extreme cases. We are proud to be able to provide customized prosthetics for sports. So, we empower our patient to play the sport of their dream.


Our patient is our top priority. We have a team of dedicated professionals committed to offering the highest quality of customer care at any level. The prosthetic personals are certified by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO).

Talk to Us

Set an appointment to meet our prosthetist or staff, and discuss all of your goals and mobility needs with us.

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