Whatever is the reason for the immobility, it has a specific need and requires special consideration. Along with these medical needs, it is important to take consideration of the patient’s surroundings. Orthovive offers a complete understanding of your need and provides the right solution for it. By this, we mean the nature of the patient’s work, the environment of his home, age and type of activities the patient is involved in. For instance, an elderly person would prefer more decent and simple mobility option while a youngster would like it to be fancy enough for aesthetic reason.

For years, we have dedicated our life to work with the best manufacturers around the world, learned and tested their products, and partnered with them in order to bring the best possible technologies for our patients. 

Proper Support is
 What You Need

Another matter that needs attention is the care of the other parts of the body. While you move on the wheelchair all day, improper supports may lead to other serious problems. Good pressure care and adequate spine support are of utmost importance. Especially in the case of pediatric, there lies a greater risk of deformation of the body parts directly affected by long sitting in an improper chair. As they are growing and their body tends to adapt faster, they are likely to mold to fit the position. Therefore, mobility equipment brings along other orthotic devices along.


At Orthovive we provide a complete and comprehensive solution to mobility problems. You can set an appointment with our experts and we will analyze all your need in a session of an hour or two. They will then help you find the best solution to provide you with the most comfortable environment. You can get great benefits for your health from our experience and expertise.


We understand that there are instances when moving patient is not a good option. Therefore, we will be happy to provide our service at your home. All you need is to fill in the request form and we will look into it. 

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