Invacare Matrx Libra

The complete solution.

The Invacare® Matrx® Libra is next generation cushion - Superior comfort with the highest level of protection and positioning.

The Matrx® Libra® cushion combines an anatomically contoured, high resilient foam base with a dual layered fluid overlay using Flo-tech™ technology to provide optimal positioning and skin protection. Bringing together cutting edge design with innovative clinical features, this lightweight cushion has been designed with function, lifestyle, and protection in mind.

Conform Med. Air Cushion

The ecological solution for pressure sores.

CONFORM® Med. Air cushions offer the highest seating comfort, limiting the danger of pressure sores, and can be used therapeutically with existing skin problems. Due to the material used to produce these cushions, we achieved the highest level of seating comfort. The high elasticity results in pressure relief which assures the blood flow in the capillaries. The cushions are used from stage of prophylaxis up to pressure ulcer (Grade III/IV).

The design of the interlinking air chambers imitates the positive characteristics of water. CONFORM® Med. Air Cushions adjust to the natural body contours hence reducing pressure build up and preventing shearing forces.


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