The bunion splint AM-OP-02 is intended for using as home and night supply. It corrects the hallux valgus and prevents against the metatarsus deformations.


The splint is made of profiled lateral splint with hallux support, soft lining which is easy to attach, metatarsus straps and bunion strap. Special, soft lining soften the pressure and adjustable straps allow to fit device to individual foot’s shape and maintain it in required position. All you need is to fit the splint to the bunion and metatarsus with 2 circumferential straps. Wide metatarsus band nears the metatarsus bones to each other and improves the correction activity.


Additionally, the splint is equipped with anatomic arch support, which lifts midfoot bones to providing plantar unloading. Friendly construction facilities putting the splint on and off, what makes it very easy and comfortable to use.


AM-OP-02 is intended for active correction of mild and medium hallux valgus. It achieves natural foot position and reduces bunion’s pain. The splint should be used as an prophylaxis and po-operative treatment. Thanks to splint the rehabilitation period of time is short and less uphill. You can use it both at home and during your sleep.


Our bunion splint arrests the hallux deformations, what can help to avoid the surgery. You can avoid the degenerative disease also as the result of decreasing the metatarsus joint inflammation risk.

Bunion Splint

  • Indications / Purpose of Use

    • Hallux rigidus
    • degenerative disease in hallux metatarsophalangeal joint
    • mild and medium bursitis
    • postoperative treatment
  • Important

    • Optimal functioning of brace can only be achieved by selecting the right size.
    • The skin in place, which in touch with the brace, should be clean (avoid the usage of ointments or creams).
    • It is necessary to control the skin's condition (especially in heels and feet) and in case of skin lesions occurred it is necessary to contact the physician.
    • In case of skin lesions (epidermis scrapes, scratches or eczema) using the brace is allowed after dressing application.
    • Use of the brace at night should be done only if this was prescribed by your doctor.
  • Need help?

    Not sure whether this is the right product for you? Contact our Orthotist for consultation & assistance.

  • Care Instructions

    • Hand wash in warm water (30°C) with soap.
    • Rinse carefully.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not chlorinate.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Do not tumble dry.

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