Sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers often suffer from hamstring injuries such as sprains, strains or ruptures. This condition occurs also in other sports with rapid speed (football, field hockey). Hamstring sprain is the most common injury in sprinters and has non-contact reasons.

Hamstring muscles are three posterior thigh muscles: semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris.They connect two joints: hip and knee, so they predispose to injuries. The hamstring adduct and extend the hip and flex the knee.


Hamstring strain is the most common condition in Australian football player – 15% of all of the players in national league. Statistically, the injury occurs 6 times during one season and causes absence of athletes in 21 matches1. Similar situation is in British League, where hamstring injuries are 12% all of the conditions2. Ordinary player misses about 18 training weeks and can’t be part of 3 matches3.


Biceps femoris predisposes to injury, especially in musculotendinous area. Sprint bases on eccentric muscle contraction in loading response (LR) and then, after initial contact (IC), the muscle have concentric contraction. Hamstring strain occurs during eccentric work, when player doesn’t feel the ground.

There are a few symptoms of strain: pain, function disturbances, limited elasticity of muscles, hematoma and active trigger points.


After injury, compressive treatment is necessary, providing by our thigh brace AS-U-02 with silicone insert for dampening relief.


Our thigh brace supports and prevents against the injury both hamstring and quadriceps muscles.


This is anatomic-shaped thigh sleeve with trial compressive system of straps, equipped with Velcro and silicone insert providing dampening vibration.


You can decide which part of your thigh you need exactly support – the silicone vibration provides the muscles relief in tendons or muscles – everywhere you want!

Unique Y-shaped straps provide additional adjustable compression and stabilisation.

Silicone insert provides dampening vibration in your every step. This solution, improves cellular metabolism and blood flow. It increases also the cellular activity. The brace supports muscles, relieves the pain and allows to exercise.


Our thigh sleeve AS-U-02 is made of PowerFit.


This is 3-layered textile that fits to body precisely making ‘the second skin’ and can be stretched in all directions. External layer is made of spandex that provides excellent compression and it’s resistant to the dirt and damage and reduces muscle vibrations. Internal layer is soft and skin-friendly. The brace warm your leg what limits the risk of other injuries.
The innovative construction of PowerFit allows to maintain cool joint even in hot temperature and it heats it in winter. The braces made of PowerFit are the most innovative devices on the orthopaedic market and almost invisible for patient.

Anatomic-shape of the sleeve allows to use it for right and left leg.


Designed for a perfect compression according to your needs.

Thigh Brace with Silicone Insert

  • Indications / Purpose of Use

    • Quadriceps / hamstring pull
    • Bruise of thigh muscles
    • Thigh muscles strain
    • Trigger point in thigh area
    • Avulsion of muscle insertions
    • Poor blood flow
  • Important

    • Optimal functioning of brace can only be achieved by selecting the right size.
    • The skin in place, which in touch with the brace, should be clean (avoid the usage of ointments or creams).
    • It is necessary to control the skin's condition (especially in heels and feet) and in case of skin lesions occurred it is necessary to contact the physician.
    • In case of skin lesions (epidermis scrapes, scratches or eczema) using the brace is allowed after dressing application.
    • Use of the brace at night should be done only if this was prescribed by your doctor.
  • Need help?

    Not sure whether this is the right product for you? Contact our Orthotist for consultation & assistance.

  • Care Instructions

    • Hand wash in warm water (30°C) with soap.
    • Rinse carefully.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not chlorinate.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Do not tumble dry.

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