Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage is the most common knee injury in the athletes. Usually, it’s connected with the athletes, who train a lot of pivoting motions (soccer, basketball, American football) and skiers. Undesirable but common injury position is called ‘no return’, which involves valgus knee with contradirectional rotation femur and shin. The ACL injury might be isolated (rarely) or in connection with MCL, meniscus or articular cartilage damage. If you want to prevent your ACL, you need the professional sport brace OKD-15.


OKD-15 knee brace is the best solution for knee instability treatment. It’s made of innovative and skin-friendly fabric called CottonPren. The fabric is made of neoprene foam, laminated with polyester and internal elastic cotton terry.


Our active knee brace supports the knee joint in case of instability, inflammation or gonarthritis.

It’s equipped with silicone patella donut what stabilizes the kneecap.


This silicone insert provides therapeutic vibration what improves the healing process of muscles.


Lateral orthopaedic stays prevent knee joint in frontal plane against the dangerous lateral move of the knee.


Elastic circular straps cross under the knee and support shin with ACL and reduce drawer syndrome during walking. You can adjust the straps tension yourself, so it allows to adjust required level of knee stabilization.


Our OKD-15 knee brace is the best sport knee support in the market!


Using of it allows to prevent the knee joint against the injury, improve knee healing and function after contusion and stop the degeneration process after ACL injury.

Sport Knee Brace with Silicone Patella Insert & ACL Support

  • Indications / Purpose of Use

    • Knee dislocation,
    • Knee twist and sprain,
    • Knee instability,
    • Kneecap instability,
    • Knee inflammation,
    • Gonarthritis,
    • Prophylactically in sport
  • Important

    • Optimal functioning of brace can only be achieved by selecting the right size.
    • The skin in place, which in touch with the brace, should be clean (avoid the usage of ointments or creams).
    • It is necessary to control the skin's condition (especially in heels and feet) and in case of skin lesions occurred it is necessary to contact the physician.
    • In case of skin lesions (epidermis scrapes, scratches or eczema) using the brace is allowed after dressing application.
    • Use of the brace at night should be done only if this was prescribed by your doctor.
  • Need help?

    Not sure whether this is the right product for you? Contact our Orthotist for consultation & assistance.

  • Care Instructions

    • Hand wash in warm water (30°C) with soap.
    • Rinse carefully.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not chlorinate.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Do not tumble dry.

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